War Widow was founded in Los Angeles in June 2010. Their unique style incorporates punk, blues, thrash, and other genres of music into the synth driven music of its time. The band was formed by ex-chef and painter Jon Peloso (Mellowdrone, 16 Volt),  and complete nobody, Eric Blackwell. Their first album was recorded and Produced by Jonathan Bates (Mellowdrone, Big Black Delta, White Sea, M83). The name of the band was taken from a line in the novel Slaughterhouse Five by author Kurt Vonnegut.

War Widow is a Sleaze-Rock band whose irreverent, and sometimes violently-minded lyrics are offset by the melodically croonings of frontman JP Russel. Blackwell's experience building guitars for one the world's best custom guitar companies has allowed War Widow to dial in a sound that is both unique and complementing of their particular brand of rock n' roll, filling in the breathy air of Russel's melodies with jagged concrete.

The band formed in the after-birth of a drunken bar brawl which found Russel and Blackwell, strangers at the time, fighting together to defend a drag queen. The event put Russel in the hospital with a concussion. The next day he was visited by his new friend Blackwell,  and the two began a mutual friendship based on Steve Albini, Baseball, homemade beer, and early 80's Hair Metal. They began work on the band first LP War Widow (Coming Home Records), in January of 2010.